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Projects in Lucknow

Prime Education Health Learning Services has started a first of its kind program for creating awareness in Uttar Pradesh. During its work at Mumbai & Navi Mumbai we did see a lot of children showing concerns in learning from Northern parts of India mainly Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Bihar. Few of these parents were educated and informed and were seeking help at such far off places. However we could help these children and parents only in the diagnosis and identifying of their areas of concern. We could not provide any intervention and support needed due to practical reasons. Considering these problems, a center which could cater to children with special learning and developmental needs was started at Lucknow in November 2011.

Guidance and Early Intervention Clinic

We have established the first center of its kind in Lucknow for diagnosis and management of children with Learning Disability. We have conducted numerous programs in schools to increase awareness with regard to learning and behavioral problems in school-going children. The services provided at the centre include diagnosis of learning disability, autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder etc. We have been able to provide speech therapy, physical therapy, special education to the children from in and around Lucknow. The parents have also been continuously counselled about the need for psychological support needed for these children.

Writing programs

Writing programs are being conducted by special educators at various schools that PEHL has affiliated with. The aim is to improve the handwriting of the students with writing difficulties. These programs have been helpful to the students and also caused awareness among teachers.

Orientation programs

We have reached out to about 3000 teachers and 25000 students in programs and workshops conducted over the last 3 years in and around Lucknow. The awareness programs are conducted to help teachers and principals understand and identify childhood disabilities like Learning Disability, ADHD, Autism and provide appropriate support at schools. These programs were well received and appreciated by all.


Writing Programs

RAJKIYA BALGRIH (Boys), Mohaan Road, Lucknow

This is a state run home for children between the ages of 8 to 15 years. Currently there are around 70-80 children residing here, both normal and with special needs. These are destitute and street children which are released through the child welfare committee to the centre. They attend a school outside the premises. These children may reside on a short or long term basis depending on their reasons for being released to the home. There are 15-20 children with special needs including multiple disabilities and mental retardation.

Services provided by PEHL

Supplementary education programs – English, Hindi, Maths. Due to their low levels of concept formation and academic performance, the children are being formally assessed and on the basis of their needs, the programs are tailored to build on their basics. Specific focus is on the primary school children. *All the training material/teaching aids for activities/courses/workshops are sponsored by PEHL and courses are conducted free of cost for the children.



This is a state run home for women and female children between the ages of 3-35 years. Currently there are around 80 inmates residing here. These are destitute children and adults who are released through relevant committees to the centre. The children attend a school outside the premises. The inmates may reside on a short or long term basis depending on their reasons for being released to the home.

Services provided by PEHL

Poor quality of life, poor oral and personal hygiene leading to frequent illness and hospitalizations, disorganized behavior, aggression and violent behavior, interpersonal conflicts

Summer camp:

During this camp various activities like arts, crafts, drawing and other creative workshops were conducted for the inmates. The activities were held thrice a week for two hrs over May and June.

Tailoring course:

This is a 6 month course being held thrice a week for the older children of 14-18 years. Around 18 children have been enrolled in this course and on completion PEHL will provide a certificate that can be retained by them for any future employment opportunities. These technical skills will also equip them better for the same.

*All the training material/teaching aids for activities/courses/workshops are sponsored by PEHL and courses are conducted free of cost for the children.



PEHL is conducting an Early Intervention Program for creation of awareness with regard to childhood disabilities, identification of children with problems, and Early Intervention (Intensive Multi-disciplinary Rehabilitation). We are targeting the beneficiaries as disabled children in urban and rural communities across 4-5 locations in India.

These are the most neglected members of society and an emotional as well as financial burden for their already impoverished families. In effect, this program will uplift the entire family by providing effective rehabilitative support to its weakest link. Screening camps are conducted every 3 months and the children identified are provided with holistic support. Around 150 children are screened at present and out of them, 10 children were enrolled for regular follow-up and are undergoing early intervention at the center.

For instance, Nisha came as a three year old child who would not speak or walk, and was found to have an untreated upper limb fracture as well as congenital bilateral cataract - her entire treatment as well as developmental rehabilitation was provided by PEHL and she has shown spectacular improvement.