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 Adopt a Project

PEHL is a result of many projects that got adopted over a period of time and are being run successfully now with visible impact. We welcome any set of individuals or organizations in planning out a particular long-term project at any of our sites that will support the children there in some way. For example, starting specific courses or services that achieve specific goals.

    Sponsor/Organize an event

Any individuals, organizations or companies are welcome to sponsor an event at one of our projects. For eg. day-long activity program with the children, workshops, special day celebrations or entertainment programs. You can write in to us at helpdesk@pehl.co.in and we will help take it forward with your support!


We believe that all of us have some unique capability by which we can help others. Some of us are great cooks, can dance well, are patient listeners, good at teaching, learn new skills fast or always organize the party for friends or family, it is these hidden talents which go in a big way in helping others. You can extend these unique capabilities by being a part of our organization where you can learn, enjoy and help others.

    Internship Opportunities

PEHL offers internship placement opportunities at its project sites in Mumbai. We help structure programs based on the institute’s requirements which allows for a lot of exposure and hands on opportunities for the interns with supervision. PEHL has tied up with SIES, S.P. Jain Institute and Tata Institute of Social Sciences for internships in the past.

   School Visits

PEHL ties up with various schools in organizing group interactive sessions and activities between students and children at the project sites. These benefit the inmates of the Homes as they develop new social interactive skills, improve their communication and language and enable a new perspective due to exchange of ideas and thoughts with other children of a different background. It also benefits the volunteer students who gain sensitivity towards the underprivileged and understand better their own privileged existence. It also attunes them to work towards the upliftment of the community and develop an attitude of helping others and create a more inclusive atmosphere.

    Participate in Fundraiser

Fundraising is an important part to keeping our projects stable and active. Individuals or organizations can help organize a fundraiser for a specific cause supported by PEHL. You can write to us or fill out our registration form by clicking on the button below.